Apply to be an Artist of the Market

artist booth of wood cutting boards

We seek artists that would like to be featured at the Lenexa Farmers Market. In keeping with our mission, featured artists are required to be local, within 250 miles of the Market.

All items that artists sell must be handmade by the artist. Artist selections will be juried. Daily booth fee is $35.

Read our regulations and requirements below. Then fill out the interest form.


The Lenexa Farmer’s Market sets aside at least one booth each Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon during the regular season (late April–late October) for the Artist of the Market program. Art is an important component of the Lenexa Farmer’s Market.  

The Artist of the Market booth will be in a prime location Market. If selected to participate, artists must enter into an agreement with the City of Lenexa and pay a $35 fee. The City reserves the right to modify and amend the Artist of the Market Program and its rules and regulations at any time.

Artist selection

It is the intent of the City of Lenexa to select a different artist to participate as an Artist of the Market each week. However, the City, in its sole discretion and in the best interest of the Market, may invite artists to participate on more than one market day during the season. A jury comprised of three (3) City Staff members, including the Lenexa Arts Council Liaison, will review submitted Artist Interest Forms and select an Artist of the Market for each Saturday during the Farmer’s Market Season based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • The balance of art categories featured at the Lenexa Farmer’s Market throughout the season, including, but not limited to, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, jewelry and other handmade crafted products.

  • Artwork must be appropriate for public viewing by all ages (e.g., no graphic violence, gore, glorification of violent acts, discrimination, hate speech, nudity, profanity, obscenity, or lewdness).

  • Artwork must be the original, handcrafted creation of the approved artist (e.g., no kits, mass produced, or manufactured items are permitted).

  • Prints of artist’s original work, such as postcards, notecards and posters, are permitted but must be labeled as reproductions.

  • Photographers must print their own photography or be involved in and oversee the printing process of their work.

  • Ceramic works must be handcrafted by the artist.

  • If multiple pieces of the same design are displayed, each must be signed.

  • Ability of the artist to comply with the Artist of the Market Rules and Regulations or City’s previous experience with artist in other City events or festivals.

Collaborating artists may submit an individual Artist Interest Form provided all artists’ names appear on the form and both artists must have contributed to the creation of the artwork in order to be considered (i.e. each piece of art must be the result of the contributions of two or more artists’ working together).

The City is under no obligation to review any submitted Artist Interest Form nor approve or select any artist for participation in the Artist of the Market Program. 

The City will send invitations to selected artists via the e-mail address provided in the Artist Interest Form. The City will retain the Artist Interest Forms of artists who were not selected to participate for the duration of the Lenexa Farmers’ Market Season for future consideration by the Jury if a space opens. In the event a selected Artist is not available to participate on their assigned date, the jury will determine a replacement artist depending on several factors, including, but not limited to, balance of the type of art in the week prior to and after the open market day, the artist’s availability and ability to complete agreement and make payment, and whether the artist would otherwise qualify to participate.

Rules and regulations

Selected artists must comply with the following rules and regulations:

  • Artist must be present during the entire market and must personally staff their booth space. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend the event in place of the artist.

  • Artist shall not share, sublet, assign or otherwise transfer their booth space.

  • Artist may not occupy space outside of their assigned booth space.

  • Assigned booth dates are not interchangeable and may not be transferred or otherwise traded by the artist. If the Artist cannot participate on the assigned date, the booth date will be assigned to another artist selected by the Jury.

  • Artwork exhibited or otherwise displayed as part of the Artist of the Market program at the Lenexa Farmers Market must match the quality and style of the work as represented in the Artist Interest Form submitted by a selected artist.

  • Artwork shall not contain any depiction of or characterizations which suggest, depict, or promote, in any form, nudity or semi-nudity, profanity, obscenity or lewdness, graphic violence, gore, glorification of violence or acts of a violent nature, discrimination, the use of hate speech against any individual, group, company, or organization, or any other suggestion, depiction, or promotion, which taken in form and context, is deemed to be contrary to community standards.

  • Artist understands and agrees that the City, in its sole discretion, has the right to remove from exhibition or display any artwork or other items not in compliance with these rules and regulations.

  • Artists must define “limited edition” in their Artist Statement, and must disclose their process to the buyer. Original work must occupy more than 50% of the artist’s booth space. Reproductions of 2-D pieces must be labeled.

  • All hanging work(s) must be framed or have finished edges. Prints must be appropriately matted and framed, and must be displayed in a portfolio or stand.

  • Artists chosen to participate are responsible for collecting and paying applicable taxes for all sales made at the event.

  • Artist must comply with all staff and security regarding safety and regulations. Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas; non-compliance will result in elimination from future consideration for participation in the Artist of the Market program.

  • Artist shall grant the City a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display submitted artwork or parts thereof for advertising, promotional and other purposes, including resale items and the right to create derivative works of your entries, in whole or in part in any media now existing or subsequently developed. Artist may or may not be credited when the artwork is used.

  • Refunds will not be given to artists in connection with any disputes that result in the artist being disqualified from appearing at the market, regardless of whether the disqualification occurs before or after the Market opens.

  • Refunds will only be issued if we have such severe weather and are unable to open the Farmers Market for the artists assigned date.

Booth space and requirements

  • The Artist of the Market booth space will be 10’ x 10’ in size.

  • The artist must supply their own tents and tent weights. The booth will be located on concrete. Weights and tent poles must be placed on carpet squares which will be provided by the City.

  • Electricity is available and may be used by the artist to power electronic devices necessary to make transactions. Artist must supply their own power cord to outlet.

  • Artists must supply all display materials, screens, chairs, tables, electrical cords, etc. Displays must be professional and aesthetically pleasing. Racks should be covered. Booth risers are not allowed. Handwritten signs and sale signs should be in keeping with the aesthetic quality of the event.

Artists check-in and setup

  • Artists may arrive at 6 a.m. to set up. Event staff will greet you as you arrive, provide you an artist packet, and direct you to your booth location.

  • The City of Lenexa is not responsible for any damage or loss of work or equipment and supplies due to theft, weather, etc.

Inclement weather and other event cancellations

The Lenexa Farmer’s Market and the Artist of the Market program do not have inclement weather dates. The event will go on as planned even in rainy or inclement weather conditions. Artist should anticipate and be prepared for the possibility of inclement weather (e.g. rain covers, tie-downs, additional weights, etc.).

The City reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reduce the hours of the event or cancel if it determines that weather conditions or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of the parties warrants such cancellation. For weather cancellation information, call 913.477.7170.

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